DVB-T/H      Transmitter

 Pardis DVB-8208 is an equipped cost effective DVB-T/H modulator which could be used with Pardis 5-watt UHF amplifier ...

      DVB Remultiplexer

Pardis DBX-3120 is a professional and cost-effective DVB re-multiplexer. Different versions of this re-multiplexer are ... 

Pardis FPGA  Processing Platform   

Pardis FPGA Processing Platform is an ultra high performance hardware development  kit for various ...

  • System design and simulation of digital communication systems

  • Design, Implementation and mass production of broadcasting systems

  • Design and Implementation of digital radio links with different modulation schemes and frequency bands

  • Hardware design and implementation of digital communication systems

  • Design and production of digital electronic systems

  • Consultation about design and implementation approach of digital
    communication, electronic and signal processing systems


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